komplexe Lernaufgabe #Rinascimento 2.0 (2021)

Friedrich VolmereTwinning, Germany, Italy

Diese unterrichtliche Zusammenarbeit erfolgt in der gymnasialen Oberstufe gemeinsam mit unserer Partnerschule, dem Liceo Pascoli, in Florenz im Fach Italienisch. Ziel ist die Auseinandersetzung mit Florenz als Wiege der Renaissance in Europa am Beispiel berühmter Persönlichkeiten aus Kunst, Kultur, Politik, Wissenschaft und Literatur. Dazu wurde gemeinsam mit der Partnerschule eine digitale Lernaufgabe entwickelt, deren Produkte auf der etwinning Plattform bereit … Read More

Conversazione Parliamone! (2020)

Erasmus teameTwinning, Germany, Italy

Im Rahmen dieses Projekts in der gymnasialen Oberstufe erstellen SchülerInnen des Gymnasiums der Stadt Würselen gemeinsam mit SchülerInnen des Liceo Pascoli (Florenz) zu unterschiedlichen interkulturell relevanten Themen (mit unterschiedlichem Kompetenzniveau in der Sprache A2-B1) kollaborativ zweisprachige digitale Produkte. Weitere Informationen zum Projekt befinden sich auf der Plattform eTwinning.

Gymnasium Würselen „Siegel School“

Erasmus teamGermany

With the invitation to the 3rd SIEGEL Congress in Cologne on 4th of March 2020, we were able to present our visions for „Vocational Orientation 2030“. Under the patronage of the Minister for Schools and Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mrs. Yvonne Gebauer, we were able to represent the city region of Aachen alongside ten other SIEGEL schools … Read More

Open day at Gymnasium Würselen

Erasmus team3D-Printer, FutureLab, Germany

We warmheartedly welcome you on Saturday, the 7th of December 2019. Between 9 am and 1 pm we are looking forward to presenting various aspects of our Erasmus+ project! Join us and be excited to hear Joana sing the project’s official song „Bodenständig“. Besides, you’ll  get an insight in our 3D-work of our FutureLab-Team. We are looking forward to seeing … Read More

Visiting the Inda-Gymnasium

Erasmus teamgeneral, Germany, Homepage

Our Homepage-Team visited the Inda-Gymnasium on November’s 16th 2019. Both schools want to work together to improve our Erasmus+ Homepage. The company “Onecue” volunteered as “Tutors” for our students: They work on the content management and programming skills of the homepage team members. We appreciate and are thankful for the pleasant Saturday afternoon meet-up with our Erasmus+ friends from the … Read More

gentle sounds for tolerance and communication across nationalities

Erasmus teamGermany, Song

Our Erasmus+ Team is proud to announce that an awesome and talented student, Joana Böhlen, will provide her song Bodenständig (eng. down-to-earth) for us to use in our project! Michael Müsseler and Christoph Birken accompanied her on her first recording session.  Joana about her song: “My song ‘Bodenständig’ is about every human being the same and no matter where they’re … Read More

Upcoming trip to France

Erasmus teamFrankreich, Germany, trips

From October’s 7th-11th 2019 the Erasmus+ Team will meet up with five partnering schools in Bourges. We won’t only exchange our past milestones since the last meet-up in Sweden, we’ll learn a lot about landscaping, horticulture and artsy crafts from France, therefore we are going to visit workshops as well. Everyone of our team is very excited about our upcoming … Read More

Sending a trackable on its way from France

Erasmus teamFrankreich, Germany

Coming Monday we will start our third exchange to France, everyone is already excited. The Croatian team has created for each partnering country one trackable with their self built 3D printer. Those will be send out from France through Geocaching with the mission to let those reunion in March 2020 in Würselen, our last meet-up, so we can bring them … Read More