Erasmus Plus Mobility to Florence

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Our Erasmus Plus mobility to Florence was all about art, handicrafts and the restoration of ancient art treasures. At the Opificio delle Pietre Dure we went along the Medici trail and met well-known scientists of the Medici collection. They taught us how to preserve and restore stone works of art best. Besides, we were given the chance to watch the … Read More

Our meeting in Florence

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Within the course of our upcoming fourth trip to Florence, we will dive into one of the most popular cities Europe’s and learn about the traditional handcraft. Simultaneously Liceo Pascoli provides us with an insight into the scientific future and the possibility of digitalisation. This will be delightful weekend for us.

Day 2 in Bourges

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Today we worked in small, international groups in ateliers. Here are some impressions we got from that group work. It was so exciting, the regional press showed up at the working place of the artists and asked us about our project.You can find the link to the full article below:

Notre première journée à Bourges – our first journey to Bourges

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Our first day was a heartwarming reunion after a long time of not seeing one another. After a sightseeing at the Lycée Marguerite de Navarre, a visit at the schools library and a lunch break some french students showed us around in the petit yet astonishing city centre which has a lot of medieval architecture. We learned a lot about … Read More

Voyage à Bourges

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On our way to Bourges, France, we took a quick rest in Paris: a beautiful, sunny metropolis! Tomorrow our meetings will start in Bourges, a small, lovely cutie midst France. We look forward to an amazing encounter with our friends, whom some of will arrive tonight. We will continue the documentary of our journey tomorrow, [so stay tuned!]

Upcoming trip to France

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From October’s 7th-11th 2019 the Erasmus+ Team will meet up with five partnering schools in Bourges. We won’t only exchange our past milestones since the last meet-up in Sweden, we’ll learn a lot about landscaping, horticulture and artsy crafts from France, therefore we are going to visit workshops as well. Everyone of our team is very excited about our upcoming … Read More