FutureLab Update – 28.08.2020

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Hey again,

we got a new room that’s just for us now – here you can see some pictures…

[soliloquy id=’2009′ type=’gutenberg‘]

In this room we will work on two projects at the same time. One team is building a racing drone and the other a plasma sphere.

Project group racing drone

“We are the group that builds the racing drone. In our team are six people, one girl and five boys – Anna, Finn, David, Paul, Tom and Niklas our project manager. With the drone we can take pictures for our school and make other cool videos – for example an image video. The drone will probably be able to fly 100 km/h fast. We will print the base frame with our 3D-printer. We will order all the technical parts on the internet, and then later build on the model. At the moment we are writing the project plan”

Project group plasma sphere

“We are planning to build a plasma sphere, we have already made a list of materials. Our next step is to look for the prices that we have to pay for the material.

At the moment we are investigating whether the project could be dangerous If it’s dangerous or were not allowed to build it, we would have to look for another project.

At least we are glad about our new member Jan! Now our project group consists four boys – Lukas, Marvin, Paul & Jan”

We will keep you up to date…

Your FutureLab-Team