International cooperation of “prospective engineers“

Erasmus team3D-Printer, Croatia, Eramus+, FutureLab, Germany

We – the Erasmus-Futurelab-Team – have been highly motivated by the great Croatian project. This is why we wanted to start our very own 3D printer project last year. We are more than happy to use the practical advice and technical support from our more experienced Croatian friends.

We meet via video conferences for doing this. On the one hand, the Croatian team answered our latest technical questions, e.g. “How do you print multicoloured models?“, “What kind of software / hardware can you recommend in order to design our own models for the 3D printer?“…

On the other hand, we are looking forward to continuing to collaborate and to share our ideas or success stories among each other quickly – this is what we use – in addition to videoconferencing – the platform Discord for.“