Erasmus Plus Mobility to Florence

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Our Erasmus Plus mobility to Florence was all about art, handicrafts and the restoration of ancient art treasures. At the Opificio delle Pietre Dure we went along the Medici trail and met well-known scientists of the Medici collection. They taught us how to preserve and restore stone works of art best. Besides, we were given the chance to watch the experts continue working on famous masterpieces.

The city of Florence is a Renaissance work of art. The facade of the cathedral and its dome are particularly impressive. As one of the world-famous architectural masterpieces by Master Brunelleschi, they’re well-known all around the globe. While strolling around the city center, we got really impressed by the Italian students. As trained museum guides, they were able to pass on a great deal of information about each work of art.

In cooperation with the museum in Fiesole, the Italian team is producing a film about „stone processing“. On Thursday, our international group visited the museum ourselves. Fynn and I were allowed to film the Italian students while interviewing the museum’s director. He stressed the importance of young people working on the restoration and conservation of ancient art treasures so that these important testimonials do not get lost. Standing on the historic, archaeological site of the Colosseum, we were able to enjoy the breathtaking with on the landscapes.

After visiting Fiesole, we went geocaching and looked for a good place to hide the Italian museum cache. We successfully placed it. In the afternoon we dealt with our presentations on craft professions and worked on some STEM-tasks of a large STEM-parkour by the Goethe Institute. All of us did well and earned a certificate. The last evening ended with a visit to the local Christmas market and there, we also had a small farewell party with all partners.

Apart from the stunning view of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo viewing platform and many more interesting impressions throughout the week, we enjoyed the very good food and the warmhearted welcome by our Italian host families most.

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