gentle sounds for tolerance and communication across nationalities

Erasmus teamEramus+, Germany, Song

Our Erasmus+ Team is proud to announce that an awesome and talented student, Joana Böhlen, will provide her song Bodenständig (eng. down-to-earth) for us to use in our project! Michael Müsseler and Christoph Birken accompanied her on her first recording session. 

Joana about her song:

“My song ‘Bodenständig’ is about every human being the same and no matter where they’re from, together they can make a difference. I want to emphasise how important it is to not to sit on a high horse but instead to be down-to-earth people. In my opinion the song fits the projects theme since many people from different countries come together to work on a project and have fun. Tolerance and solidarity are the focus in this project.”