Geocaching is an outdoors activity where you use a GPS device or a smartphone with an appropriate app to get to specified coordinates where the owner of a cache placed his cache container. This container holds at least a logbook which the cacher can sign after he or she has found the cache. Larger containers usually offer items to exchange, e.g. small toys, little figurines, collectable cards. Besides signing the physical logbook, the cacher has to log the find on the website. This website offers additional information about the cache and you can have a look at the log entries of previous cachers which might include helpful hints and information.
Every cache tells a story in order to lure the cacher to the place of the cache. In our case, the stories deal with different traditional crafts. We visited a number of companies, workshops and vocational schools to talk to craftspeople and apprentices and researched the different crafts and their requirements. The gathered information was then used to write the stories around 10 different crafts.

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