FutureLab Update – 28.08.2020

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Hey again, we got a new room that’s just for us now – here you can see some pictures… In this room we will work on two projects at the same time. One team is building a racing drone and the other a plasma sphere. Project group racing drone “We are the group that builds the racing drone. In our … Read More

Sandstone and Stonemasonry

Erasmus teamEramus+, Italy

Our Italian Team made an interesting film about the tradition of Sandstone and Stonemasonry in collaboration with the Museum in Fiesole  and other important stakeholders in Florence and surroundings. Learn more about this tradition and craft and watch the movie!

The tradition of Bookbinding in Italy and France

Erasmus teamEramus+, Frankreich

During our mobility in Italy the French Team spoke to a specialist about bookbinding, a craft between tradition and innovation. How does this traditional job continue to live in Italy and France? You will learn more about that by reading the whole results of our French Team.

Gymnasium Würselen „Siegel School“

Erasmus teamEramus+, Germany

With the invitation to the 3rd SIEGEL Congress in Cologne on 4th of March 2020, we were able to present our visions for „Vocational Orientation 2030“. Under the patronage of the Minister for Schools and Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mrs. Yvonne Gebauer, we were able to represent the city region of Aachen alongside ten other SIEGEL schools … Read More

Erasmus Plus Mobility to Florence

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Our Erasmus Plus mobility to Florence was all about art, handicrafts and the restoration of ancient art treasures. At the Opificio delle Pietre Dure we went along the Medici trail and met well-known scientists of the Medici collection. They taught us how to preserve and restore stone works of art best. Besides, we were given the chance to watch the … Read More

Our meeting in Florence

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Within the course of our upcoming fourth trip to Florence, we will dive into one of the most popular cities Europe’s and learn about the traditional handcraft. Simultaneously Liceo Pascoli provides us with an insight into the scientific future and the possibility of digitalisation. This will be delightful weekend for us.

Open day at Gymnasium Würselen

Erasmus team3D-Printer, Eramus+, FutureLab, Germany

We warmheartedly welcome you on Saturday, the 7th of December 2019. Between 9 am and 1 pm we are looking forward to presenting various aspects of our Erasmus+ project! Join us and be excited to hear Joana sing the project’s official song „Bodenständig“. Besides, you’ll  get an insight in our 3D-work of our FutureLab-Team. We are looking forward to seeing … Read More